What We Do?

ReadBTC started at 2017 with the focus of educating it's community regarding topics such as Bitcoin, Blockchain and popular Crypto technologies. ReadBTC is a leading resource for both individuals and businesses who got the interest in Bitcoin. Through our technology, we aim to deliver the most trusted Bitcoin resources. We qualify every business listed carefully, making sure our community is being exposed to the future world of Fintech.

Digitization, Digitalization, And Digital Transformation
First things, First - Education.

Bitcoin isn't just another asset, it is a mega-trend of digitization.
Since the late days of 2009, modern businesses have focused on the digitization of data, payments and their practices.
‚ÄćBlockchain technology is a leading player in the sector and its early adopters benefit from cheaper operation cost and increased speed of information. We put a lot of thoughts into businesses who adopts or believes in following Bitcoin, Blockchain and their approach.
Our team are focusing all their time in researching all latest industry topics and simplifying it to educational resource for both individuals and businesses.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Wayne Wu

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Wayne is a graduate from the university of Waterloo with a B.A. in psychology. He is interested in all things tech and design. You can find him taking pictures from time to time.

Anna Mei Yee

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Anna is a writer by day and serial TV binger by night. She is always learning more about crypto and loves to share new knowledge.

Ryan Laguatan

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Ryan Laguatan is a Project Coordinator from Toronto, Canada. He wrote freelance articles about sneakers and now he is in the crypto currency world doing his part in pushing for mass adoption.

Brandon Stewart

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Brandon Steward is a Risk Manager and Journalist from Toronto, Canada. He writes about business, technology, health, and whatever new thing happens in the world of crypto.

Making Bitcoin Businesses Matters

More and more businesses turns into accepting Bitcoin as it is experiencing an enormous social revival around the globe, wondering why? Bitcoin is reliable and can save transaction costs.

Reliability and cost efficiency are what business are looking towards this days.

One of the biggest challenges every new Bitcoin or Altcoins related business face is the lack of quality and niche related exposure. We dedicate our focus into designing the next generation of Bitcoin and Altcoins enthusiasts through educational resources.

Your business content is your business 'fire'. The impressions it get is the 'gasoline'.

That's how we can insure that our users - are looking forward to here about your product or service. Read more about our advertising services.

Introduce your product or service to Bitcoin enthusiasts

We help businesses who supports Bitcoin to raise awareness of their company, products or services. Traditional channels and social medias have been limiting Bitcoin related business in getting more awareness. We believe in the change. We qualify all businesses carefully to avoid potential scams and misleading information. If you think we can help your business or community grow, please feel free to contact us for more details.