Cryptocurrencies carries high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.



What you can expect?

  • Each lesson will last 45-60 minutes with one of our experts

  • A customied educational plan, based on your current knowledge for expanding and improving your knowledge in the Bitcoin field.

  • An esitamed time frame for executing your tailored educational plan

What you will learn?

  • Understanding the potential of Bitcoin.

  • How to start trading Bitcoin.

  • The right mindset of professional traders.

  • Different types of Bitcoin analysis.

  • Bitcoin trading strategies: short and long term.

  • Different investments methods.

  • Building yourself a trading plan.

What The Program Will Cover:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to Bitcoin trading
  • Get the right mindset and approach to become a sucessful Bitcoin trader
  • Pro's and Con's of Bitcoin trading
  • Chapter 2: Risk & Money management
  • Understanding the risks of Bitcoin trading
  • The 2% Rule
  • Controlling Risks
  • Proper position sizing
  • Never be results oriented
  • Setting up realistic expectations
  • Plan your trade & Trade your plan
  • Chapter 3: Day Trading
  • Look for entry: weekly and mothly High/Low
  • Find the exit: previous daily High/Low, Fibs and Pivots
  • Turning a day-trade into a swing trade
  • Chapter 4: Hedging
  • Understanding the value of hedging
  • How hedging works & how to hedge
  • How propper hedging affects your ROI?
  • Hedging examples
  • Chapter 5: Become a pro
  • Spotting smart money levels
  • Scouting for long term steps
  • Scouting for day-trading
  • Chapter 6: Final Step
  • Setting up your daily routine as a Bitcoin trader
  • Putting everything to practice: building a plan
  • Choosing trading platform

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