elegram has released a desktop wallet for its “gram” token. The app company has made it available since the start of the month. If you want to view the process, we have created a quick walkthrough below to get started.

How to Setup Telegram's Gram (TON) Wallet

Users who want to test the app on the operating systems, MacOS, Windows, and Linux can do so by downloading the app on Telegram’s website here, and receive their keys on the TON testnet.

You’ll only need about 30 MB of storage for the wallet. After you select your installation location, you’ll be greeted by a spinning blue diamond (on windows at least) and the options to create a new wallet or import an existing one.

Download Telegram's Gram Test Wallet

Just one quick click and the creation of the wallet is done, you’ll immediately see “congratulations” and you’ll be able to move forward with the next steps to secure your wallet. You’ll get 24 secret words that you will use to recover your wallet should anything happen. The words must be entered in order so writing it down is recommended both by Telegram and our team at ReadBTC.

FYI - Just to triple check that you actually will have these words down, they even make you do a small test and ask you which words are in what order, I do not know what happens if you don’t get this test write, but it does show Telegram’s commitment to ensuring your wallet is secure and you have all the information you need to recover it.

Once that’s all done you just need to pick a password, use some good common practices here:

Use a mix of letters and numbers.
Use non-alphanumeric characters, at least two.
Try to mix up the letters with case sensitivity.
Do not use short and simple words (even in a foreign language).

“Ready to go! You’re all set. Now you have a wallet that only you control – directly, without middlemen or bankers,” the app tells you when all is set and done.

The main page for the application displays your balance and your wallet address, there is a quick button to receive grams from other users and from there you can create an invoice to send to others to requests grams and share your wallet address for payment.

Telegram (TON) Release It's Wallet For Gram Token  - Despite SEC Lawsuit

Raising 1.7 billion dollars in two back to back ICOs, TON is the blockchain project created by Telegram. In September they had released the code for a full node, a validator node and block explorer.In the beginning of October, the project published the terms of use for the wallet app and asked the investors to share their public keys using TON’s key generator.

Despite all signs moving towards a smooth launch for the originally proposed date of October 31, Telegram was sued by the SEC. The SEC declared that “grams” were unregistered securities and asked the court to block the delivery of token to the investors.

Telegram will meet the SEC in court in February 2020, in New York. Until then, the company received approval from its investors to delay its launch until April 31 2020 to gain as much time as possible to deal with the SEC case.

Updated on
October 15, 2019

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