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Bitcoin and Blockchain Searches Surge on Baidu and WeChat

The Chinese search engine, Baidu, had the word “blockchain’ searched over 72,000 times on Friday Oct 25. Bitcoin searches surged on both WeChat and Baidu.

How to Keep your Crypto Safe? The Do's and Don'ts - Security Guide

This means learning how to securely store it, is an important topic that should not be taken lightly. You cannot directly deposit cryptocurrency in a bank.

Bitcoin is Actually NOT the Most Used Crypocurrency - Tether Overview

What if we told you that Bitcoin is not the most used cryptocurrency? Despite being 70 per cent of the market, Bitcoin is second to Tether in trading volume.

The IRS Launches Assault on Cryptocurrency Holders

Last month, an initial wave of letters were sent by the IRS to traders with warnings that they may have potentially incorrectly filled their crypto taxes.

ICO vs IEO vs STO Explained - Crowdfunding Guide

ICO vs IEO vs STO - What is it? How is it difference? And how does it work? A Complete guide for the new age of crowdfunding. How to raise funds in 2019.

China - The World's Leader in Blockchain Technology Projects

China and blockchain technologies develop at an incredibly fast rate. There are 263 blockchain-related projects in China. Read more about what to expect.

2300 Stores - Albertsons Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain Technology Network

Albertsons Co., the second largest grocery retailer by sales volume, has become the latest client of IBMs Food Trust blockchain platform. 2300 stores...

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Surged in April 2019

It is April 2019 and Bitcoin sits at an outstanding price of $5600 per BTC. Its market capitalization is almost reaching 100 billion dollars. Find the reason behind the price surge.

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