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After Embracing Blockchain Technology - China Announce DCEP

After Chinese President Xi embrace blockchain technology, The DCEP is more akin to a digital currency and not exactly a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Searches Surge on Baidu and WeChat

The Chinese search engine, Baidu, had the word “blockchain’ searched over 72,000 times on Friday Oct 25. Bitcoin searches surged on both WeChat and Baidu.

Bitcoin is the 'Hedge' for U.S - China Trade War

The U.S - China trade war may be damaging and troublesome, but the solution might be right around the corner. Bitcoin has a major role in being the hedge for political and financial risk.

China Embracing Blockchain Technology While the US Struggles with Libra

China's president Xi embrace blockchain while Libra struggles to get regulations approvals. Read more about how Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market reacted to recent news.

Telegram's (TON) Fight With the SEC Might Be Its Toughest One Yet

Telegram's (TON) fight with the SEC is not yet over, as the SEC claims that Telegram's open network didn't follow regulation procedures, claiming TON raised money illegally.

Death Threats and Disappearances: The Drama of OneCoin Scam

A Scottish woman received death threats after calling-out the OneCoin cryptocurrency as a scam on a BBC Podcast. Jen McAdam has been leading a group of investors that believe that OneCoin has fooled them.

PayPal, VISA and more Exits Facebook's Libra Project Following Regulations Concerns

Yesterday, PayPal announced that it would be pulling out from the project. Without providing a reason, PayPal made the decision to leave on its own.

Deutsche Bank Raided for Information Regarding the Danske Bank Scandal

Within two weeks of joining JPMorgan’s blockchain-based payments initiative, the IIN Deutsche Bank, has been raided by German authorities.

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