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Blockchain Phones: HTC and Samsung Joins Blockchain Technology

Giant tech companies like Samsung and HTC are turning towards blockchain technology and now thrown in their chips with a new product offering: the blockchain phone.

Death Threats and Disappearances: The Drama of OneCoin Scam

A Scottish woman received death threats after calling-out the OneCoin cryptocurrency as a scam on a BBC Podcast. Jen McAdam has been leading a group of investors that believe that OneCoin has fooled them.

How to Keep your Crypto Safe? The Do's and Don'ts - Security Guide

This means learning how to securely store it, is an important topic that should not be taken lightly. You cannot directly deposit cryptocurrency in a bank.

Deutsche Bank Raided for Information Regarding the Danske Bank Scandal

Within two weeks of joining JPMorgan’s blockchain-based payments initiative, the IIN Deutsche Bank, has been raided by German authorities.

Groups Allegedly Connected to North Korean Cyber-Crime Sanctioned by U.S.

On September 13th the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced sanctions targeting three North Korean groups.

Malware Uses Bitcoin Blockchain to Reproduce C2 Connections to Target Users

On September 4th, TrendMicro detailed on their blog information on the new variant of Glupteba that can utilize the bitcoin blockchain to reproduce itself,

Inside Job? Bithumb Reportedly Hacked Again - $13 Million in EOS is Missing

$13 Million in the EOS Cryptocurrency Was Reported Stolen From the Bithumb Exchange. An Internal Inspection Indicates This "Hack" was a Inside Job.

Could Blockchain Technology Potentially Save $400B In Bank Frauds?

World's leading banks have been fined $321 billion since 2008. Could Blockchain technology in the banking and financial services prevent bank frauds and fines?

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