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Blockchain Phones: HTC and Samsung Joins Blockchain Technology

Giant tech companies like Samsung and HTC are turning towards blockchain technology and now thrown in their chips with a new product offering: the blockchain phone.

Brave Browser - Make Money By Browsing The Web

Brave Browser attempts to shake up the internet browser world by allowing users to get paid to view ads while keeping their personal information private.

How to Keep your Crypto Safe? The Do's and Don'ts - Security Guide

This means learning how to securely store it, is an important topic that should not be taken lightly. You cannot directly deposit cryptocurrency in a bank.

Malware Uses Bitcoin Blockchain to Reproduce C2 Connections to Target Users

On September 4th, TrendMicro detailed on their blog information on the new variant of Glupteba that can utilize the bitcoin blockchain to reproduce itself,

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Blockchain Technology - Security Guide

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA or TFA)? How does it work? The complete guide to securing your privacy using two-factor authentication.

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