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Brave Browser - Make Money By Browsing The Web

Brave Browser attempts to shake up the internet browser world by allowing users to get paid to view ads while keeping their personal information private.

What is Bakkt? - A Beginners Guide

With the introduction of a regulated market like Bakkt, it opens up cryptocurrency trading to big financial institutions, making buying and selling easier.

What is Telegram Open Network ? TON Blockchain Technology Explained

Telegram is a messaging app like WhatsApp, but what is TON? Telegram Open Network (TON) hopes to achieve a network that allows faster transactions of cryptocurrency, and other useful services.

How to Keep your Crypto Safe? The Do's and Don'ts - Security Guide

This means learning how to securely store it, is an important topic that should not be taken lightly. You cannot directly deposit cryptocurrency in a bank.

What is Litecoin? - Introduction to LTC - Beginner Guide

Litecoin (LTC) is built on an idea similar to Bitcoin, but there are important differences that make Litecoin more usable. Read the Litecoin guide for beginners.

Chinese Regulator Approves Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent for Blockchain Technology

China's central internet regulator has approved 197 companies. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are few of the blockchains that has been approved by the regulator

95% of Bitcoin Trading Volume is Falsified by Top 100 Crypto Exchanges

The Tie published a report last Monday showing the top 100 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by reported volume. The findings were interesting. 95% of BTC Trading..