Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Jobs on the Rise - Thousands Listed

Thousands of Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto jobs are being listed. Investing in your future career in the crypto field is the new way of investing in digital currencies.


nvesting in cryptocurrency and blockchain doesn’t necessarily have to be an investment in digital currencies. You could invest in your future by preparing yourself for an exciting new career.

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According to research conducted by job site,, In the four-year period between September 2015 and September 2019, the share of jobs per million related to bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency grew by more than 1,450 per cent, with searches of these jobs increasing by 469 per cent.

The numbers are more manageable when looking at 2018. The amount of Job postings still increased by a healthy 26 per cent. However, job searches dropped by more than 50 per cent. Indeed, suggested that its data reflected how bitcoin’s volatility seemed to correlate with job seeker interest and that the change in bitcoin price this year might be the culprit of the drastic drop of searches.

“Employers, however, are doubling down on these tamper-proof blockchain technologies, which means there’s likely lots of opportunities for job seekers with these skills or interested in this industry,” Allison Cavin
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While it is great news to know that the overall job market is growing, of course most of us want to know what jobs are available and where. Without a doubt, smart contracts are the best innovation blockchain has brought so far. It is a decentralized system that exists between all permitted parties. Furthermore, those 7 popular smart contracts are creating quite a lot of jobs for you.

It’s no secret that the tech industry would dominate the demand for new hires within the crypto job market. The top five roles were: Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect, Full Stack Developer and Front-End Developer.

Getting familiar with coding languages such as, C++, Python, Java and JavaScript were recommended to land some of these roles. There were also mentions of blockchain development languages such as, Hyperledger, Bitcoin Script, Ethereum’s Solidity, and Ripple protocol.

If you want to learn more or start your journey with C++ programming and blockchain, we wrote an article here.

Maybe the role title isn’t the most enticing for you. You just want to hear about what company is hiring. Good news, many of the largest companies are hiring. also compiled a top 15, and these can be seen in the image the provided below:


Five companies directly related to cryptocurrency made the list, Coinbase, Ripple, Circle, Kraken, and ConsenSys.

Two of the “Big Four” accounting firms make the top 10, Deloitte(1st) and Ernst & Young (6th). According to the article:

“Earlier this year, EY launched a new crypto tax accounting tool for investors, and consulting firms are hiring blockchain talent to advise clients on how to apply these new technologies.”

It should also be worth noting that Deloitte was ranked 1st on a list for “who’s doing the most hiring for bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain roles?” in a similar Indeed article in May of this year.

Blockchain isn’t just for finance of course and two notable companies on the top 15 list include and Collins Aerospace. While is hiring, because they were the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin a few years ago, Collins Aerospace is working on using blockchain to make global supply chains more efficient and to improve the security of defense and space-related data.

No matter how volatile the market is said to be, or how risky the investment of bitcoin or other digital currencies are, Indeed’s research shows that companies are fully committed to investing in blockchain technology. China’s president also believes that investment in blockchain technology will be key in the country and many Chinese firms and educational institutions have jumped on board.

Also, The China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has decided that it won’t be moving forward with its proposal of banning the mining of crypto within China’s borders.

Even with the lack of clarity surrounding the endorsement of government and regulators in the U.S. there is no doubt that many western companies will ensure that for the time being, there will be a healthy job market for blockchain and a healthy sector for future research and development as well.

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