Timeline: China’s digital-currency (Yuan), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

The Chinese digital currency (yuan) is being tested. Here's a timeline of recent events and their effect on bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. China is making moves to be the blockchain leader of the world.

How to Keep your Crypto Safe? The Do's and Don'ts - Security Guide

This means learning how to securely store it, is an important topic that should not be taken lightly. You cannot directly deposit cryptocurrency in a bank.

Class Action Suit Claims Bitfinex, Tether and Other Parties Cost Market Over $1 Trillion

The action suit, filled Oct 6 in New York, outlines some of the defendants as, Ifinex Inc. (Bitfinex), Tether Holdings Limited and more

Bitcoin is Actually NOT the Most Used Crypocurrency - Tether Overview

What if we told you that Bitcoin is not the most used cryptocurrency? Despite being 70 per cent of the market, Bitcoin is second to Tether in trading volume.

A Brief History of Ethereum, ETH and GPU - Beginner Guide

After failing to convince his team, Buterin decided to go rogue and secure his own funding to develop Ethereum. The result of that was ETC,

Deutsche Bank Raided for Information Regarding the Danske Bank Scandal

Within two weeks of joining JPMorgan’s blockchain-based payments initiative, the IIN Deutsche Bank, has been raided by German authorities.

Fintech Start-up SoFi Launches Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Trading

Today it is finally here! San Fran-based financial firm SoFi has added crypto trading support to its platform SoFi invest and even better yet, it is zero-fee cryptocurrency trading.

What is Litecoin? - Introduction to LTC - Beginner Guide

Litecoin (LTC) is built on an idea similar to Bitcoin, but there are important differences that make Litecoin more usable. Read the Litecoin guide for beginners.

Groups Allegedly Connected to North Korean Cyber-Crime Sanctioned by U.S.

On September 13th the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced sanctions targeting three North Korean groups.
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