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Banks, financial institutions and many others are adopting blockchain technology faster than anticipated.
We believe that the future of finance and investing is happening now, learn from those who already cut the path.

Securing your Bitcoins & Altcoins

Free Course

Learn how to secure your hard-earned Bitcoins and Altcoins. Find out how secure are your Bitcoins and Altcoins are? Find out now.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining

Free Course

Learn the introduction to cryptocurrency mining. Find out is it still profitable to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

Free Course

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are creating a new future of finance. This course will cover basic Bitcoin and blockchain fundamentals.

Our Difference

What We Do

ReadBTC is designed for crypto learners and instructors of all backgrounds and experience levels to share, learn and make smarter financial decisions.

Learn only what you are interested in.

Self-paced learning - reach your targets.

Get a Certificate - Online courses look great on a resume.

Lower total costs.

Our Difference

Education Centre

People need to understand cryptocurrency more then they need to own it. Explore our affordable high-end education for the cryptocurrency world.

Online Courses (Learners)

Publish your course (Instructors)

Step-by-step Tutorials

Upcoming Seminars & Events

Our Difference

Industry Experts

Our team has experience working for major financial corporations as well as for small blockchain projects. We understand the pressures weighing on traders and investors, whether it’s the daily decision faced by day-traders, or a life-time decision faced by portfolios worth millions of dollars.

Our experts specialised both in equity and crypto markets.

We’re committed experts not ‘consultants’

When you invest, we’ll help you to grow.

We see the ‘big picture’ and can make success sustainable.

Our Difference

Qualified Tutors

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The expert's zone is definitly the best 1-on-1 educational service I've found till today. Especially with such a young and volatile market - I truly can define the importance of having a sound advice and support from an expert. THANK YOU!

Cecily Brown


To my suprise, after attending to the free introductory course I've took my first step and invested in Bitcoin. Since that day, not only that I understood the value of learning everyday, I am actually enjoying it!

John Evans


My experience with ReadBTC has been surprisingly positive. This community does really care about each of their learners and their financial goals.

Annie Page

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