Michelle Phan - Beauty Guru turned Bitcoin Influencer

Michelle Phan is merging Beauty with Bitcoin. After a long hiatus, Phan returned to social media last month with a new hobby and it has nothing to do with makeup.


hat does makeup have to do with cryptocurrency? A lot, now that Michelle Phan is back! After a long hiatus, Phan returned to social media last month with a new hobby and it has nothing to do with makeup. She bounced back with a newfound perspective on digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency isn't exactly a conversation that comes up in the makeup community. The word itself would never make it on an eyeshadow palette. With a topic that's a far cry from the world of makeup, Michelle Phan may be the best person to normalize the crypto industry in mainstream media. She is after all the OG of makeup tutorials. Phan normalized aesthetic expression on Youtube before the website became a success. She paved the way for future generations of makeup lovers to freely express themselves online in the same way. Phan may be the key to bringing bitcoin into mainstream media awareness when brands are still too reserved to adopt blockchain technology.

From humble beginnings, Michelle Phan was the first makeup guru on Youtube. Her pleasant voiceovers and instructional guidance set the standard for the makeup videos. She amassed millions of followers and built a multimillion-dollar company called Ipsy. Her star power helped her build the subscription makeup box beating out other subscription makeup box companies. Phan has influence. She knows it and now she’s using it educate her followers about the cryptocurrency.

In an interview with The Cut in late September, it was revealed that Phan had become a “bitcoin evangelist”. She has been investing in BTC and ETH and became an investor for Quarters, a cryptocurrency gaming company. From interviews to Twitter posts, Phan stood firm on her belief that “It’s probably the most important investment you can ever make in your life.” She sees the crypto industry like Youtube, the platform that made her who she is today. She says that Youtube itself is a form of decentralization. “…anyone can have a channel, have their own network, and make their own content.”


Phan also believes that there is more to be done with blockchain technology than is realized and she’s not wrong. Central banks are now trialing blockchain technology, though none have released anything for the public yet. It’s a start, and Phan wants her followers to see the potential and adopt early for better investment. Right now, she’s educating her subscribers through social media.

After a fan on Twitter expressed that they didn’t understand Bitcoin at all. Phan offered helped saying, “There is a lot of misinformation about Bitcoin, so I recommend reading The Bitcoin Standard by @saifedean to understand not only the fundamentals of BTC but monetary history and Austrian economics…”

Michelle Phan knows a lot about bitcoin and she’s the first step to getting mainstream media to notice how promising blockchain technology is. She’s passionate and well read on the topic. She even said in an interview that she’s “more excited about Bitcoin than…Youtube”. The only thing she isn’t, is an expert analyst. Playing with cryptocurrency can be like playing with the stock market. There are ups and downs and even fakes, so it’s best to stay informed with crypto analysts, leaders, and investors.


Anna Mei Yee

Anna is a writer by day and serial TV binger by night. She is always learning more about crypto and loves to share new knowledge.