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Keepkey is a hardware wallet that supports over 40 cryptocurrencies that makes bitcoin security simple. It is a port of the TREZOR’s code and firmware.
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General Information

What should you know about this exchange?


Keepkey is hardware wallet that supports over 40 cryptocurrencies. It is a port of the TREZOR’s code and firmware. The body of the key is made of metal and has a sleek and simple design. The wallet is beginner friendly and retails for $49 USD.

It is the top three in hardware wallets with Ledger and Trezor.  KeepKey prevents physical and virtual theft, and it can be used on any computer, even computers infected with malware. KeepKey's pincode and number randomization secures the wallet from physical theft and hackers from accessing the coins stored on the cold wallet.

The wallet can be backed up with the 12 words generated on setup. 12 is the default setting, though users can choose 18 to 24 seed lengths as well.
Recovery can be done through KeepKey's Google Chrome extention.

Electrum, KeepKey Chrome, and MultiBit HD are softwards that support KeepKey Electrum provides the most privacy out of the three.



  • The wallet is a beginner-friendly.
  • Highly secured - 100% cold storage.
  • Innovative touch screen.
  • Great Value for money.

The wallet is integrated with ShapeShift and provide an easy conversion to other currencies.



  • Supporting less coins than its competitors (Ledger and Trezor).
  • If you lose both your password and recovery phrase, you are losing access to your wallet.
  • The wallet doesn't provide the estimated transaction cost.

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Additional Information:

Features, security, and more.




Every KeepKey is tested and packaged in-house before it is shipped. The packaging contains a security seal which will break upon opening. With KeepKey, your private keys are protected from malware and viruses, and you can safely make transactions without exposing your private keys.



The main feature offered by Keepkey is the integration ith Shapeshift. It allows the user to exchange crypto to crypto inside the wallet makes trading convinient and more secure.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, DASH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DigiByte and all ERC-20 tokens.